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Better calibrate your confidence

Our decisions in negotiation depend greatly on our predictions about how the future will unfold. But, as has never been more apparent than in 2020, the future has a way of surprising us.… Read more.

Stronger together: Achieving goals through negotiation and nonviolent action

Protests organized in response to the killing of George Floyd have given the Black Lives Matter movement new opportunities to reach its goals. Negotiation techniques will play a key role. … Read more.

Why diversity efforts fail—and how your organization can do better

African Americans have been underrepresented and marginalized in U.S. organizations for far too long. Recent research offers concrete guidance for achieving a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.… Read more.
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Negotiation Research

Reducing gender bias in hiring negotiations

No matter how strong their credentials or negotiating skills, women are less likely than men to be chosen for jobs historically held by men, such as positions in leadership, science, and engineering, past research shows. In a new study, University of Vienna assistant professor Steffen Keck and National University of Singapore visiting assistant professor Wenjie Tang found the comparisons that hiring personnel make among final candidates for a position may play a role in such discrimination. … Read more.

In price negotiations, make them happy with less

In a new study, Singapore Management University professor Michael Schaerer and his colleagues identify a promising way to improve the other party’s satisfaction even when you’re the one who claims the most value.… Read more.

Not taking no for an answer

Have you ever done business with a negotiator who just won’t stop asking for more? A sense of entitlement may be to blame, Lukas Neville of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, and Glenda M. Fisk of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, found in a new study. … Read more.
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Negotiation in the News

The NBA’s roller-coaster Disney deal

The National Basketball Association and its union believed they had reached a win-win deal to resume their halted season, but a growing contingent of players disagreed. … Read more.

Dissolution of a deal

How—and why—the Victoria’s Secret acquisition fell apart.… Read more.
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Successes & Messes

In France, dirty tricks in a highbrow market

A cautionary tale in the staid world of rare books and manuscripts.… Read more.

At closing time, avoid “last call”

Feeling powerless? Take a page from the owner of a beloved New York tavern.… Read more.
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Ask the Expert

When Time is Not Money

Q: I have been doing a lot of business deals in the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia. With all due respect, negotiations seem to drag on and on in that part of the world. How can I negotiate effectively in this situation?… Read more.

Negotiating Upgrades

Q: My company, a large multinational, contracts with an outside vendor for some of our software infrastructure. Due to new regulatory requirements, we have asked the vendor’s team to upgrade certain features of the software. We think that we should get these upgrades for free because these enhanced features may be needed by their other clients soon. They are asking us to pay $5 million for the upgrades because they claim they don’t foresee being able to sell the upgrades to other clients...… Read more.
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