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To narrow the wage gap, take a wider view

In the United States, the gender wage gap for full-time workers amounts to women earning about 80 cents on the dollar as compared to men; similar or greater disparities can be found across the globe. Hannah Riley Bowles, the Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School, and a leading researcher on gender and negotiation, explains why salary negotiations are only part of the story.

For Amazon in the Big Apple, no carrots required

A year after scuttling its controversial HQ2 deal with New York, the retailer makes a bold return to the city.

Set yourself up to make better choices

The process of comparing offers and options in negotiation can be anxiety-provoking in the moment and regret-inducing after the fact. Here’s how to avoid common decision-making traps.

Negotiating organizational breakups

When a long-standing partnership reaches the end of the road, mediation can offer an effective way to separate.

Getting along when social media pulls us apart

Online discussions of politics and other hot-button issues often spiral quickly into conflict,
leaving us feeling misunderstood, angry, and sometimes even ashamed of our own behavior.
We spoke to Harvard Law School lecturer Sheila Heen—coauthor of Thanks for the Feedback:
The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well (Viking, 2014) and Difficult Conversations:
How to Discuss What Matters Most (Penguin, 2010)—about how to look beyond the controversy and condemnation, and form deeper connections, both online and offline.

In baseball, sabermetrics create a more level playing field

When negotiators replace intuitive decision making with rational analysis, it can be a whole new ball game.

When high prices are a bitter pill to swallow

To promote transparency and fairness in sales negotiations, bring objective standards to the table.

Negotiating beyond the finish line

Just because a negotiation has ended doesn’t mean you should call it quits.

Negotiating for diversity and inclusion

Black men and women continue to be vastly underrepresented in leadership roles in corporate America. Those who advance in majority-white organizations encounter both covert and overt bias, and often struggle to feel authentic and connected, write contributors to the new book Race, Work & Leadership: New Perspectives on the Black Experience.

Changing the rules of the game

Clinging to old ways of doing business can hold us back in negotiation, as a case study from the film industry illustrates. To reach better deals, we need to expand our focus.

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