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For Hollywood writers, a heavily negotiated new script

In its negotiations for a new contract with entertainment companies this spring, the Writers Guild of America delivered at the bargaining table what many film and TV viewers crave onscreen: plenty of suspense and a hard-won, if imperfect, victory.

When Two Deals are Better than One

When you have multiple negotiations to conduct with one or more partners, should you combine them into one big deal? In negotiations for the sale of new books by Barack and Michelle Obama, the answer was an emphatic yes.

Negotiating Controversial Issues

When you’re trying to negotiate a hot-button issue, what’s the best approach to take? That was the question facing U.S. president Donald Trump as he and his administration attempted to convince the government of Mexico to fund a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, in addition to negotiating other matters of concern to both governments.

Switching Channels: How Fox Star Megyn Kelly Ended up at NBC

In the summer of 2016, it seemed the approaching end of television journalist Megyn Kelly’s contract with Fox News in mid-2017 couldn’t have been better timed for her. The host of the daily evening news program The Kelly File on Fox, she had seen her profile rise over the past year, beginning with her pointed questioning of Donald J. Trump at the first Republican presidential debate in August 2015. Kelly would later characterize Trump’s coarse post-debate criticism and lingering fixation on her as unnerving, but the drama boosted her stature as a bold, tough reporter, and ratings for her Fox show rose steadily.

Don’t Forget to Negotiate the Process

This past October, as the United Kingdom (UK) began gearing up for its negotiations to exit the European Union (EU)—a process known as Brexit—scheduled to begin in March, Reuters reported that the EU’s lead Brexit negotiator, former French foreign minister Michel Barnier, had asked for the negotiations to be conducted in French rather than English. […]

Taking the Plunge: How a Controversial Partnership was Born

“A huge mistake.” “A shot in the dark.” “An audacious move.” Those are just a few of the media’s characterizations of wireless carrier AT&T’s acquisition of media and entertainment firm Time Warner, announced on October 22 of last year. As of November, it was the biggest merger of 2016, with $85.4 billion in cash and […]

Hoping for an Uncontroversial Negotiation? Consider the Optics

January 16, 2016, was a memorable day in U.S.-Iranian relations. That day, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran was in compliance with the terms of the nuclear agreement it reached in mid-2015 with the United States, which represented Russia, China, France, Germany, and Great Britain in the talks. The news prompted the United […]

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