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From discord to harmony

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra ends its record-breaking strike.

When productive collaboration among competitors dries up

The U.S. raisin industry tries to rebound from falling sales and infighting.

Negotiating cracks in coalitions

How a Democrat’s controversial remarks created headaches for her leadership.

Nancy Pelosi’s next-to-last stand

How the House speaker held on to power for two more years.

From boom to bust: Up-and-down contract negotiations in the NBA

In negotiation, one great deal can beget another. For the National Basketball Association, its stellar 2016 national television contract begat not just one great deal but dozens for top players and even mediocre ones. But now that the boom year has passed, players’ expectations are bouncing up against reality.

Broadening their views, rival telescope projects team up

By trading competition for collaboration, two astronomy projects hope to clinch funding.

Courtroom drama: An unscripted dispute over To Kill a Mockingbird adaptation

This spring, the estate of Harper Lee, the deceased author of the classic American novel To Kill a Mockingbird, sued the producers of a Broadway stage adaptation of the novel for deviating too much from its character and plot. The story, as reported in the New York Times, highlights the value of exploring every viable option to keep a dispute out of court.

What happened when Mark Wahlberg asked for more

On January 8, the news broke that actress Michelle Williams had been paid only about $80 per day, just above the union minimum, for 10 days of reshoots on All the Money in the World—and that her costar, Mark Wahlberg, had received about $1.5 million more than she had for his own reshoots.

A new MLB player keeps his eye on the ball

Japanese hitting and pitching star Shohei Ohtani stayed focused on his unconventional goals during negotiations to enter American baseball—even as league rules worked against him.

With a switch in focus, migrant activists gain ground

If you aren’t making headway with one set of partners, look around for others.

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