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What to do when negotiators seem to bargain in bad faith

Amazon’s auction for its second headquarters may have been little more than a publicity stunt. Protect yourself and your organization from wasting time with disingenuous negotiating partners.… Read more.

Negotiating Jewish identity

What does it mean to be Jewish in America? What challenges does the American Jewish community face? These questions prompt many conflicting answers—and many opportunities for negotiation, writes Robert Mnookin in his new book, The Jewish American Paradox: Embracing Choice in a Changing World.… Read more.

Anchoring for maximum effect

New research on offer precision and “phantom anchors” can guide us on how to get talks off on the right foot. … Read more.
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Negotiation Research

Are women more ethical negotiators than men—and if so, why?

Men tend to claim more resources than women in negotiation, research shows. Why?… Read more.

Should you brandish your BATNA?

When and how to reveal what you’ll do if you can’t reach a deal. … Read more.

In job interviews, is it better to be excited or calm?

When interviewing for a job, you might wonder whether you’ll be viewed more favorably if you appear excited and enthusiastic or if you seem calm and collected. There’s certainly an argument to be made for either choice.… Read more.
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Negotiation in the News

How Jeff Flake went from “Yes” to “Maybe not” (and back to “Yes”)

In today’s polarized Washington, instances of legislators diverging from their party’s position are so rare as to be noteworthy. The story behind Flake’s brief rebellion suggests tips negotiators in other realms can try to win over reluctant or conflicted counterparts. … Read more.

In a skirmish over scallops, it’s the French versus the British

How a negotiation impasse triggered conflict on the high seas.… Read more.
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Successes & Messes

From boom to bust: Up-and-down contract negotiations in the NBA

In negotiation, one great deal can beget another. For the National Basketball Association, its stellar 2016 national television contract begat not just one great deal but dozens for top players and even mediocre ones. But now that the boom year has passed, players’ expectations are bouncing up against reality.… Read more.

Broadening their views, rival telescope projects team up

By trading competition for collaboration, two astronomy projects hope to clinch funding.… Read more.
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Ask the Expert

When Time is Not Money

Q: I have been doing a lot of business deals in the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia. With all due respect, negotiations seem to drag on and on in that part of the world. How can I negotiate effectively in this situation?… Read more.

Negotiating Upgrades

Q: My company, a large multinational, contracts with an outside vendor for some of our software infrastructure. Due to new regulatory requirements, we have asked the vendor’s team to upgrade certain features of the software. We think that we should get these upgrades for free because these enhanced features may be needed by their other clients soon. They are asking us to pay $5 million for the upgrades because they claim they don’t foresee being able to sell the upgrades to other clients...… Read more.
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