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Preparing for the worst in business negotiations

In the #MeToo era, entertainment companies are pushing for broad morality clauses in their employment contracts—and raising the larger question of how to manage risk in negotiation. … Read more.

In negotiation, communication style matters

Is it better to appear warm or tough in negotiation? Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino, author of the forthcoming book Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules in Work and in Life, answers this persistent question. … Read more.

In team negotiations, should you divide and conquer?

Renewed negotiations between North and South Korea are raising concerns for the United States—and drawing attention to an age-old bargaining strategy.… Read more.
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Negotiation Research

For a power boost, offer advice

In negotiation, we gain power from strong alternatives, a powerful role, or our particular talents and skills. What if we lack power in a particular negotiation? We may be able to do well nonetheless if we merely feel powerful, research suggests.… Read more.

In negotiations with friends, it may pay to lower your expectations

Negotiations between friends and others in a close relationship are notoriously inefficient, research shows.… Read more.

The pitfalls of put-downs: When “trash talk” backfires

In a survey of office workers from Fortune 500 companies, Georgetown University professor Jeremy Yip and his colleagues found that 61% recalled hearing or engaging in boastful or insulting comments at work within the prior three months. … Read more.
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Negotiation in the News

Will Amazon’s winner be cursed?

The bidding frenzy stirred up by Amazon’s contest for its second headquarters raises the question of whether the winner will overpay for the prize. … Read more.

Making group decisions when values are at stake

President Trump’s controversial remarks have left business groups struggling to find a unified way to respond.… Read more.
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Successes & Messes

What happened when Mark Wahlberg asked for more

On January 8, the news broke that actress Michelle Williams had been paid only about $80 per day, just above the union minimum, for 10 days of reshoots on All the Money in the World—and that her costar, Mark Wahlberg, had received about $1.5 million more than she had for his own reshoots. … Read more.

A new MLB player keeps his eye on the ball

Japanese hitting and pitching star Shohei Ohtani stayed focused on his unconventional goals during negotiations to enter American baseball—even as league rules worked against him. … Read more.
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Ask the Expert

When Time is Not Money

Q: I have been doing a lot of business deals in the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia. With all due respect, negotiations seem to drag on and on in that part of the world. How can I negotiate effectively in this situation?… Read more.

Negotiating Upgrades

Q: My company, a large multinational, contracts with an outside vendor for some of our software infrastructure. Due to new regulatory requirements, we have asked the vendor’s team to upgrade certain features of the software. We think that we should get these upgrades for free because these enhanced features may be needed by their other clients soon. They are asking us to pay $5 million for the upgrades because they claim they don’t foresee being able to sell the upgrades to other clients...… Read more.
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