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Negotiating for a brighter future

With the Colorado River’s water levels growing dangerously low, the states that depend on it needed to agree on a new conservation deal. Their success should inspire all of us to add future concerns to our negotiations. … Read more.

Helping lawmakers build bridges

To help legislators and their staff learn to build bridges and negotiate through impasse, the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) Legislative Negotiation Project, with support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Madison Initiative, has developed free teaching materials on effective legislative negotiation.… Read more.

Get beyond “take it or leave it”

New research suggests a simple way to avoid being trapped by ultimatums.… Read more.
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Negotiation Research

Have you tried a hypothetical question?

In a new paper published in the Negotiation Journal, University of Amsterdam researchers Diyan Nikolov Grigorov and A. Francisca Snoeck Henkemans suggest that a particular kind of question may be especially useful when delivering offers and proposals in negotiation: hypothetical ones. … Read more.

Bringing mediation into the technological era

Laptops, smartphones, databases, and project-management software have become common tools of the negotiation trade. Meanwhile, even as online dispute resolution has risen in popularity, the traditional practice of inperson mediation remains a largely technology-free zone, with smartphones often turned off and tucked away. … Read more.

Should you tell them a story?

Persuasion strategies like alluding to a product’s popularity and prompting concessions by offering potential customers “free gifts” have proven useful for business negotiators who are trying to shine the best light on their offers.… Read more.
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Negotiation in the News

Negotiating with the Sacklers: Inside the Purdue Pharma settlement

When negotiating for compensation from alleged wrongdoers, it pays to present a united front.… Read more.

Inside the FTC’s battle to show Facebook who’s boss

When your counterpart has more resources than you do, you’ll need to call on other sources of power. … Read more.
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Successes & Messes

Negotiating in reverse

What we can learn from a nonsensical battle over fuel-economy standards. … Read more.

From discord to harmony

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra ends its record-breaking strike.… Read more.
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Ask the Expert

When Time is Not Money

Q: I have been doing a lot of business deals in the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia. With all due respect, negotiations seem to drag on and on in that part of the world. How can I negotiate effectively in this situation?… Read more.

Negotiating Upgrades

Q: My company, a large multinational, contracts with an outside vendor for some of our software infrastructure. Due to new regulatory requirements, we have asked the vendor’s team to upgrade certain features of the software. We think that we should get these upgrades for free because these enhanced features may be needed by their other clients soon. They are asking us to pay $5 million for the upgrades because they claim they don’t foresee being able to sell the upgrades to other clients...… Read more.
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