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Anchoring for maximum effect

New research on offer precision and “phantom anchors” can guide us on how to get talks off on the right foot.

Facing controversy? Don’t forget to negotiate

The National Football League fumbled in its attempts to deal with player protests surrounding the national anthem. Here’s how to learn from the league’s mistakes.

Building trust with reluctant counterparts

Tetsushi Okumura is a professor at the Tokyo University of Science and has been a visiting scholar at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Recently, Okumura has been interviewing Japanese government negotiators to identify strategies they used to make headway in difficult negotiations with private citizens.

Frustrated by a meddling boss? Negotiate your authority from the start

Before representing your organization in talks, negotiate your mandate with superiors.

When our “principles” crash up against our negotiation goals

A billionaire’s fight to keep a gate locked could have upended public beach access nationwide—to his dismay. It’s a cautionary tale for negotiators who are tempted to draw a line in the sand.

Think outside the conference room

In her new book, Thrive Labs founder Priya Parker argues that most of us just go through the motions when planning events, whether a dinner party, a conference, or a negotiation. She spoke to Negotiation Briefings about how we can make our negotiations and other group events more meaningful and rewarding.

Should negotiators eat, drink, and be merry?

Before mixing business with the pleasure of dining, weigh the pros and cons.

Redoing the deal: Lessons from the NAFTA renegotiations

As negotiators from Canada, Mexico, and the United States tried to reach an agreement that would satisfy Donald Trump, the White House appeared to be playing a long game.

Responsible negotiators care beyond the deal closing

With this issue of Negotiation Briefings, we are pleased to introduce our new academic editor, Alain Lempereur, the Alan B. Slifka Professor and Director of the Heller School Conflict Resolution Program at Brandeis University. The author of a dozen books, Lempereur has developed the concept of “responsible negotiation.”

Building consensus, one justice at a time

Contrary to public perceptions, the Supreme Court generally aims to build consensus, analysis of its decisions shows. Business negotiators would be wise to adopt the same goal in their own group talks.

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