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At last, Illinois lawmakers agree on a budget

Two years of impasse finally ended in a deal, to the governor’s dismay.

Need some negotiating help? In the future, ask your phone

Automated negotiations are just around the corner, Facebook research suggests.

At work, negotiate your way to leadership success

To meet your goals as a leader, you will need to negotiate others’ expectations and your role.

A flexible approach to flextime

Q: I’m the head of human resources at a medium-sized company. We are piloting a program in which we will offer employees increased ability to self-schedule their hours and work from home. We’re trying to figure out whether this is something that employees really value and, if so, whether we should bring this up in our compensation negotiations.

Using e-mediation to resolve workplace conflict

When their employees get into disagreements with one another, managers have various ways of coping. For example, they can try to mediate the dispute themselves; they can make use of in-house procedures and systems set up for managing disputes, if they exist; or they can refer the case to a professional mediator. Increasingly, employers are adding another dispute-resolution tool to that list: e-mediation.

In negotiation, a link between wealth and fairness concerns

When negotiating, we aim to get the best deal that we can for ourselves. In the process, we sometimes lose sight of whether the other party will perceive that he or she got the short end of the stick. That’s an oversight in any negotiation but may be especially risky when making deals with those who are financially well off, new research suggests.

Bringing a multiparty agreement back from the brink

Following the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, American states, cities, and businesses are forging new negotiations to try to meet their nation’s past commitments.

Resolving Conflicts Over Deeply Held Values

Conflicts over values often arise because one or more of the parties involved considers a value to be sacred and nonnegotiable.

How Technology is Changing Us and the Way We Negotiate

As the Internet seems to make us more shallow and distracted, it continues to create unprecedented new ways of collaborating and connecting with one another, from watching Snapchat videos to hailing rides from Lyft to donating to GoFundMe campaigns.

How Leaks Changed the Game in a High-Profile Negotiation

Once a sensitive negotiation goes public, the way parties react to one another will fundamentally shift.

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