Successes & Messes

Adapting Ayn Rand

  Do you have regrets about a deal you couldn’t quite bring to the finish line? If so, you might gain hope from this tale of a negotiator who nabbed a fresh chance to meet his goals more than 40 years after his initial negotiations collapsed. A brief courtship In 1972, the intrepid movie and
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In DuPont’s Proxy Battle, An Expensive Power Struggle

A risky decision to fend off a corporate raider pays off in the end. Over the past two years, billionaire investor Nelson Peltz and his hedge fund, Trian Fund Management, fought to win up to four seats on DuPont’s 12-person board of directors in the hope of shaking up the 212-year-old company. Over the same
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The NBA and “the greatest deal known to man”

When we think of our worst negotiation disasters, they tend to be the blunders that are freshest in our minds. But what about mistakes whose repercussions accumulate over years, even decades? Those are typically the most significant negotiation messes of all. An agreement reached in 1976 in the realm of professional basketball illustrates how carelessly
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